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Why Chaleanor

Chaleanor hotel prides itself of being a small locally owned and operated hotel in Dangriga Town. Dangriga in itself is a town which prides itself of culture and heritage, thus being the cultural capital of Belize.  People travel from around the country as well as from abroad to celebrate the 19 of November – Garifuna Settlement Day. Leading up to this day, there are numerous events to show the ode to the history of how the Garifuna people arrive in Belize.  However, being in Dangriga anytime of the year, you can still feel the “Drums of my fathers” presence. This aura transcends within the walls of Chaleanor Hotel.

The family likes hearing stories of your visit about their hometown and enjoys giving tips and extended courtesies for you to be immersed and love the culture and attractions of Dangriga.  Our location makes it easy for both your travel inland and offshore adventures. At Chaleanor hotel, we understand that it is important that your place of rest is very comfortable and safe but also affordable. The rooms are tailored for both couples and family stays.

Your stay at Chaleanor hotel sleeps you in the heart of Dangriga where you are close enough to the sea where you can catch a view of local fishermen leaving in the morning for their catch of the day while taking a view of this coastal town on the hotel’s rooftop terrace. The sounds of the crashing waves allures a sense of tranquillity with nature at its best.

Whether it is joining a local tour group in town or taking a boat out to the reef and cayes, your stay at Chaleanor affords you to be close to all the activities for the day.